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Refugio's Gold

   $13.95   Book Three 0f the Dusty Boots in Texas series

 “Hey, gringo! I’ve got your woman, gringo. If you want her, you’ll have to come get her. Can you hear me, gringo?”

Clay Best had agreed to take Teresa into Mexico and get the gold Refugio had hidden. He talked Julio Garcia into going, but it was quickly turning into a journey where Julio’s gun might not be enough.

Refugio’s Gold is a gritty, authentic and well spun Western yarn. It’s a fast-moving tale fraught with suspense and danger as Clay and Teresa Best venture from Texas to Mexico in search of Refugio’s gold. Before his death, Refugio told Teresa where he hid a large stash of stolen Mexican gold. Not only would they have to endure the hardship of the rugged desert, but they would have to deal with the Apaches, the Federales, and the banditos…a very entertaining read. - Gary Crawford, author of Trepidation Trail

Gold, lots of gold, free for the taking, all you have to do is ride to Mexico and get past Apaches, Yaquis, Mexican banditos, ex-revolutionaries, gringo outlaws and the Federales. Clay Best believes he can ride from Carrizo Springs, Texas to the gold and back. His journey is one long, hard ride. - Steve Haak, author of One Last Ride

Refugio's Gold, A heart-pounding suspenseful search to find buried treasure, with great action realism characters. Teresa and Clay journey through rough, long, dangerous tasks along the way to survive. A must read! - Elena Carpenter- Author of Trinity book one.