Reviews for Mokelumne Gold

***** "I bought a paperback edition from a museum book store and liked the story so well, I bought another of the author's books for my Kindle. Great, exciting adventure story and romance set in early 1860's California when gold was still on people's minds, former Mexican citizens struggled to retain their ranchos received before the U.S. won the Mexican-American war and California became a state and scoundrels abounded. I loved reading of the history about places not that far from where I live." - Robyn Echols


***** "LOVE THIS BOOK, lots of research into the way life was back then, if you love westerns, you need to read this one !!!" - Alex Riley


“GOOD STORY!” All told, (Major Mitchell has) spun a good yarn. This is a story that needs to be told to show the skullduggery concerning the old land grants in California, and (Major) did it well.”  - John Duncklee


“A story of love and murder. A complex plot involving the proud Doña Leonida and (a) scoundrel attorney who will stop at nothing to steal the vein of gold running through her property.”  - Katrina Prado