Major Mitchell




  NOW ON SALE FOR $10.99!! (list $14.95)     First book in the Manhunter series.

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Matthew Blue is known as Manhunter by the Comanche. He has been hired to track a serial killer in rural Kansas, only to discover a different killer is following him. His nemesis has sworn to see Matthew dead, even if it means leaving a trail of dead bodies to see it done.

Where the Green Grass Grows

$14.95    Book Two of the Manhunter series

Available as an Ebook for $2.99

Matthew Blue wanted to stay home, raise horses and be a good husband and father. When a runaway slave living with the Comanche is accused of kidnapping the Hancock baby, he is once again called on to become Manhunter.

The Doña

   $15.95   First  book in The Doña series

Available as an e-book for $2.99

She came to California as a young bride in an arranged marriage. Now she owns seventy-five square miles of property bordering the Mokelumne River where gold has been discovered. They want her land and will stop at nothing, even if it means her murder. 

Mokelumne Gold

  $15.95   Book Two in The Doña Series

Available as an e-book for $2.99

Leonida Garcia has been beaten, robbed, widowed, and seen enough trouble in her young life to last ten lifetimes. Now she wants nothing more than to live peaceably on her rancho. But when someone murders Ambrose Brice, she encourages retired ranger and friend Josiah Russell to find the killer.

Dusty Boots: Book One of the Dusty Boots in Texas series

   $13.95   Book One of the Dusty Boots in Texas series

Bill Mayfield had talked his younger brother, Rob, into selling the family farm after their mother died with a promise that they would leave Texas. Rob didn't realize that his brother had different ideas about life, some not so healthy.

Jokers Play: Book Two of the Dusty Boots in Texas series

   $13.95   Book Two of the Dusty Boots in Texas series

Available as an e-book for $2.99

Clay Best was sick of being a low-paid, over-worked lawman. He wanted a small spread somewhere where he could raise a few head of cattle. Instead, he found himself involved in chasing bank robbers and trying to rescue a beautiful hostage.

Refugio's Gold: Book Three of the Dusty Boots in Texas series

   $13.95   Book Three of the Dusty Boots in Texas series

Available as an e-book for $2.99

Clay Best had agreed to take Teresa into Mexico and get the gold Refugio had hidden. He talked Julio Garcia into going, but it was quickly turning into a journey where Julio’s gun might not be enough.

Cool Water Justice: Book Four of the Dusty Boots in Texas series



  $13.95 Book four of the Dusty Boots in Texas series




“The story of Clay Best continues with a brilliant cast of characters. A life and death struggle to keep the family and friends safe amid a drought-baked Texas plain and bloodthirsty outlaws. An excellent read!”--Elena Carpenter, author of Trinity

Canyon Wind


Available as an e-book for $2.99

Katherine Parker had been losing cattle and she wanted it stopped, but the fight had become personal the day she hired Phillip Denning. Now, Pox wanted more than her cattle. He wanted Katherine and her sons dead.

Poverty Flat


Available as an e-book for $2.99

Chris came to California to forget about the war. What he found was a pregnant woman and her nine year-old son abandoned on a place called Poverty Flat.


A Reason to Believe


Margie loved horses and rodeo more than life itself. She knew, given the chance, she could out-ride most men. Set in modern day Oakdale, California.

I'm Molly


By Major Mitchell

Molly was a very young puppy when she was found wandering the streets. She was taken to the local animal shelter where a nice man and woman adopted her and took her to their home to live. Now she would like to tell you about her new home.


Charlie Shepherd


Charlie wants to be a member of the pack more than anything. But he will have to dig a hole under the fence to join the other dogs, which is something Bob, his human, doesn't want him to do. And being a member also means he would have to turn his back on his best friend, Samantha, because being friends with a cat is something the pack doesn't think a dog should do.


The Witch on Oak Street


Five Stars from The Midwest Book Review

A series of stories about a young girl in various life adventures with a Christian perspective.