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A Reason to Believe

When Don Gardner moved to Oakdale after his wife was taken from him by cancer, he was a young dad with two small children to raise. He had barely had time to grieve, but he was determined to be the best possible father to his son and daughter.
Margie was a young country girl with an obsession: She wanted to ride saddle broncs in the rodeo with the men. She loved horses above all else, and refused to let anything stand in her way.
She was feisty and headstrong, but didn’t count on losing her heart, until she lost it to not only one, but three people, two of them very small.


Finding Grace

A Little Cowboy, a Big Problem and a Second ChanceA Chase McGraw Adventure.
Marti was frantic to find her lost daughter. Grace had been missing several weeks now, and the sheriff's department had given up on the search.  With nowhere else to turn, she gathered up her 2-year-old grandson, Matthew, and went to see a private detective.
Chase McGraw, an ex-deputy sheriff, has left the department to run his own private investigator service out of his home office on the ranch. Now he has a case with virtually no clues, and a beautiful client with a heart-wrenching problem. How can he possibly help her and her darling grandson?


Jenny's Hope

On the eve of his honeymoon, Chase is called out in the middle of the night to assist in a murder investigation at a neighboring ranch. His daughter, Dianna, is friends with the murdered man's daughter, Jenny. Now an orphan, Jenny is determined to find whoever killed her father, so she attempts to hire Chase. In typical Chase McGraw style, the search goes on, not only for the killer, but for a solution to Jenny's heartbreaking situation.


Another great story from a Western Writers of America SPUR award finalist.

The Valley of Decision

Sometimes, love can be really, really complicated.

Pete Fowler has achieved his life-long dream of becoming a doctor. Now, if he can only get the love of his life to notice him.
Cindy Quentero has just returned from a deployment overseas. Coming home to the ranch after serving in Afghanistan is almost surreal and she doesn’t quite know how to handle it. Where does she belong in this once familiar, and now strangely foreign, world?

If you like Hallmark movies, you’ll love this SPUR Award Finalist romance.




Matthew Blue is known as Manhunter by the Comanche. He has been hired to track a serial killer in rural Kansas, only to discover a different killer is following him. His nemesis has sworn to see Matthew dead, even if it means leaving a trail of dead bodies to see it done.

"A riveting tale of justice in the old west." Dallas Review

"When it comes to suspense, nobody writes it as well as Major Mitchell." Pat Decker Nipper

"A vivid story of a half white, half Indian bounty hunter trying to bring in a young killer....Well written." Tom Alberti


Dusty Boots

Bill Mayfield had talked his younger brother, Rob, into selling the family farm after their mother died, with a promise they would leave Texas. He said they were going to New Orleans and enjoy the good life. He failed to mention that their trip involved a detour to a place called Cool Water, where he planned to collect a large sum of money he felt he had been cheated out of...even if he had to take it at gunpoint. It was a journey they might not survive.



Refugio's Gold

Take a hidden stash of gold, two beautiful women, a Marshall and some vaqueros. Add some horses and guns, a Mexican army, some Apache Indians and a very wild ride, in this recipe for a fast and furious adventure.

Clay Best had agreed to take Teresa into Mexico to get the gold Refugio had hidden. He talked Julio Garcia into going, but it was quickly turning into a journey where Julio's gun might not be enough.

SPUR Award finalist, Major Mitchell, brings you another good old western novel, and the third book of a series.

Poverty Flat

He was a Southerner, she was a Yankee…but he couldn’t just leave her and her children to die.

Chris came to California to forget about the war. What he found was a pregnant woman and her nine-year-old son abandoned on a place called Poverty Flat.    

 "Southern, frontier, and Native American cultures are presented in very authentic and revealing ways. It's a fun read that makes you think. Once you start, you're engaged and you're sorry when it ends. The great reward is you finish with a whole new set of people to love and respect." -Amazon Reader


Canyon Wind

Katherine Parker had been losing cattle and she wanted it stopped, but the fight had become personal the day she hired Phillip Denning. Now, Pox wanted more than her cattle. He wanted Katherine and her sons dead.

Survival in the South Dakota Badlands in the 1880s with no husband and four boys to raise was no picnic. Katherine had a ranch to run and no husband to help her, but she was strong, and deterrnined to hold onto her ranch and keep her family alive. This is a story that brings home the hard facts of just staying alive in the early years of United States history.


The Doña

She came to California as a young bride in an arranged marriage. Now she owns seventy-five square miles of property bordering the Mokelumne River where gold has been discovered. They want her land and will stop at nothing, even if it means her murder.

"It's a classic story of good against evil and Mitchell's prose flows so smoothly I found it very hard to put down the book. I also learned quite a bit about early California, which made the book that much more enjoyable. If you've never read a western before, I can highly recommend it. And if you're a veteran of them, this one is sure to rank very high on your list of all-time favorites." - Amazon Reader


Mokelumne Gold

Leonida Garcia has been beaten, robbed, widowed, and seen enough trouble in her young life to last ten lifetimes. Now she wants nothing more than to live peacable on her rancho. But when someone murders Ambrose Brice, she encourages retired ranger and friend Josiah Russell to find the killer. The trail he finds leads him to her best friend's door. While she worries about her friend Alice, and seeks to find a way of clearing her name, something even darker and more evil lurks in the shadows. If left alone, it will not only steal her land but take her very life.




Where the Green Grass Grows

Matthew Blue wanted to stay home, raise horses and be a good husband and father. When a runaway slave living with the Comanche is accused of kidnapping the Handcock baby, he is once again called on the become Manhunter.

"..a no-holds-barred action Western of the highest caliber...This is a Western, a Mystery, and a Suspense novel all rolled into one." D.B. Jackson - author of They Rode Good Horses "

."Mitchell writes in layers, creatively peeling them back to reveal an unpredictable story of camouflaged murders, elaborate lies and emotional intrigues that culminates with a terrible and fitting revenge." Claudia Newcorn, award-winning author of Firestar


Joker's Play

Clay Best was sick of being a low-paid, over-worked lawman. He wanted a small spread somewhere where he could raise a few head of cattle. Instead, he found himself involved in chasing bank robbers and trying to rescue a beautiful hostage.

"Non-stop action in a Texas setting described so well you can feel the heat. Major and Jerry Mitchell bring this novel about Clay Best alive. There is so much happening you don't want to put the book down...a real page turner." - Phil Mills, Jr., author of "Where A Good Wind Blows"


Cool Water Justice

The American cowboy lived by a code of honor, where a handshake was your bond and you worked as hard as you could, regardless of what you were being paid. To break your word would make you a liar and a scoundrel. James Westfall, Curley Hammond and Carlos Mendoza were lower than scoundrels. When they shot Sheriff Ray King in the back Clay Best decided to put a stop to it. After all, Ray had been his friend for a long time, and Clay had his own code of honor.

“, irresistibly exciting and immensely readable.

Wiley Joiner, author of California’s Golden Glory Days